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Canadian Roadmap to Group Buying Strategy

Whether you work for a city, county, school district, or agency, there are steps to consider when approaching the concept of using a cooperative procurement agreement. We have gathered information from some of the best procurement teams across the nation. Taking from those guides used by in-the-know procurement leaders, these newly created roadmaps will help guide you through that process with the right questions to ask and issues to deliberate. No matter where you are located across the nation, or what cooperative organization that you are considering, these roadmaps are a helpful tool for any procurement organization.

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Best Practices for Group Purchasing Organisations

This overview contains considerations for Canadian entities on creating a strategy for Group Purchasing Organisation (GPO) use. The information contained in this document is not intended as legal advice nor should it replace it. Entities should consult their legal department when considering the use of GPOs.

Download the document here.